Sunday / October 2

Every summer, Corwin holds a dynamic conference that showcases world-renowned educational thought leaders and the latest research in K-12 education: The Annual Visible Learning Conference. This year’s event took place from July 9th through the 10th at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Hotel in Chicago, IL. The conference was particularly significant as it followed closely after Corwin’s April global acquisition of Visible Learningplus, the model of school change

Wouldn’t it be great to double academic achievement with digital tools in our schools? The challenge it seems, when it comes to educational technology use in our schools, is to differentiate authentic impact evidence from hoopla. I’ve only just returned from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2018 conference, where I was confronted with this challenge at nearly every turn.   In fact, much of the evidence-free rhetoric I heard reminded me of a prediction made by