Monday / April 19


In 2011, Michael Fullan published a paper called “Choosing the Wrong Drivers for Whole System Success.” 10 years later, after the high-magnitude disruption of COVID-19 in education, he has published a new paper with the Centre for Strategic Education: “The Right Drivers for Whole System Success.” Listen to Michael Fullan

Visible Learning

The negative effects from teaching during COVID-19 are a hot topic. While there have been positives resulting from the pandemic—especially the need to value and teach self-regulation and to have teachers engage in higher levels of release of

Before you read any farther, I want you to consider the following.  How would your students, whether face-to-face, hybrid, or at a distance, respond to

The 8th Annual Visible Learning Conference, originally slated for New Orleans, streamed live on Zoom with almost 1,000 colleagues online with us. The conference opened

Teaching Methods

This blog is part four of a series on learning transfer. For more on teaching for transfer, see this first post, this second post and this third post.  What

This blog is part three of a series on learning transfer. For more on teaching for transfer, see this first post and this second post.   “Why do we have to

  Figure 1.1: Shadowing Reflection Wordle  After shadowing multilingual learners, educators often use words like “frustrating,” “insightful,” “cold,” and “enlightening” to describe the experience. Such reflections often become the catalyst for