Thursday / January 20


You read the headline right.   Research from the Center for Creative Leadership found that 75 percent of leaders derailed their careers because of a lack of emotional intelligence.  Odds are you will do something that will derail your career – unintentionally,-m unless you happen to be that special one out of four leaders that don’t.  I

Visible Learning

Going from good to great isn’t necessarily easy. When something is going well, often there is no impetus to do it even better. “Why bother,

Children playing. That’s often what we think of and hear about when we talk about early childhood education. But when researchers Lillard et al. (2013)

Context Matters On the traditional lands of the Kamilaroi people, the Sapphire Community of Schools spans approximately 7800 square kilometres in the Northern Tablelands of rural New

Teaching Methods

It’s Tuesday at a middle school. COVID cases are rising, staff is stretched to the limit, and the students are caught in the middle of

January represents the beginning of a new calendar year; however, it is also the beginning of the second semester of the school year for students.

Over the past 10 years, I have worked with thousands of high school students. During that period, I really started paying attention to the skills