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Saturday / July 20


Becoming a unifying leader requires a deep knowledge of your community and a willingness to be a collaborator. Your success in this endeavor lies, in part, in your ability to listen thoughtfully to your community members in order to learn about their needs and refine the lens through which you view your school.   Most

Visible Learning

In this post, we provide a summary of a recent study that sought to determine which types and levels of feedback are most common in

Alfie Kohn has raised a critical point in his recent podcast about my work (Episode 11 of “The Shape of Education to Come,” available on

There has been much debate in recent years on what constitutes teacher professionalization and how to develop and foster it. Zierer, Lachner, Tögel, and Weckend, in their paper “Teacher Mindframes from

Teaching Methods

Looking for something that has the potential to increase students’ learning, but doesn’t take a heavy lift to accomplish? If so, I think you might

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates Lately, when I'm leading an exercise in mindfulness and social-emotional learning, I’ve discovered firsthand how much of

The following is an excerpt from “Education Cargo Cults Must Die” by John Hattie and Arran Hamilton. To download the full white paper and others in the Corwin