Friday / May 29


In this time of coronavirus, when our lives have been turned upside down, the gift of listening well, the first phase of the evocative coaching model, is especially precious. Listening well is important not just in the context of coaching but with all those we care for and care about. In these topsy-turvy times, we may be spending more time

Visible Learning

We have so much to learn from the recent “pandemic teaching and learning” experience. The strongest message is to learn from what went well during

With the prospect of schools being out for a while, I will review some of the Visible Learning influences that may help understand what really matters and what does not matter as much.   First, does

We send our children to school because of the professionalism and expertise of teachers, and many of us as parents do not have the experience,

Teaching Methods

Short post description: If we want students to become visible learners and to truly be their own teachers, we need to give them opportunities to select learning tools that work for them. Here’s

When the governor of Massachusetts declared that learning would continue while schools are closed, he added that the creativity of teachers would get us through this quarantine. Indeed, the creativity and hard work of teachers keeping students focused and engaged with learning has been impressive. However, we all have

Dear Teacher: Here are a few science activities that support units of study you are probably promoting. Since core science ideas begin early in a child’s