Thursday / May 26


Our education system has a hoarding problem. Have you ever watched one of those television shows on hoarding and judged the person on the screen? It can be hard to understand how they find so much value in things they rarely or never use. However, we educators then go into

Visible Learning

There’s a sobering game I’d like you to play. Think back to the start of the academic year and see if you can remember all

Going from good to great isn’t necessarily easy. When something is going well, often there is no impetus to do it even better. “Why bother,

Children playing. That’s often what we think of and hear about when we talk about early childhood education. But when researchers Lillard et al. (2013)

Teaching Methods

[audio m4a=""][/audio]   You can listen to this blog post on audio by clicking the play button above. It is the nearing end of the school year and

We live in a world where students have the ability to access an almost unlimited amount of information instantaneously. This same world is growing increasingly

More educators are talking about leaving the profession this year than ever before. Unfortunately, teachers were already searching for a way out, even before the