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By Peter DeWitt and Tanya Ghans In this episode of the Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast, How De-implementation Can Ease Overwork, Peter DeWitt and Corwin Editor, Tanya Ghans, discuss where Peter’s de-implementation research originated from and how intentional implementation can be the best form of de-implementation. TANYA GHANS: The intentionality of this is

Visible Learning

When students cross the school gate, they do not leave their culture, sense of belonging, or identities behind. Schools create societies, sometimes mirroring and sometimes

In this episode of the Leaders Coaching Leaders podcast, Even More Learning Made Visible, host Peter Dewitt engages in a meaningful conversation with Professor Emeritus

What can the Visible Learning database ( tell us about improving learning outcomes for students who are learning more than one language?  With our colleagues

Teaching Methods

Over the past year, the rise in use of generative artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT has presented many opportunities. Educators, for instance, have discovered how

What teacher would not relish having a pocketful of superpowers ready to optimize ways for students' brains to take in, process, and store information? One

The importance of mathematics teaching and learning in our schools is hard to overstate.  From computational skills to inductive reasoning, mathematics is everywhere in our