Wednesday / April 8


The educational community (like all other communities throughout the world) is experiencing a time of uncertainty. It’s scary having to give up what we know and change the way we do things, but the unknown is where our new reality exists (at least for a little while anyway). What we need to do now, more than ever, is

Visible Learning

We send our children to school because of the professionalism and expertise of teachers, and many of us as parents do not have the experience,

In June, the journal Educational Philosophy and Theory published “A Critique of John Hattie’s Theory of Visible Learning” by Thomas Aastrup Rømer. To quote from the paper’s abstract:  First, I

The following is an excerpt from “As Good As Gold? Why We Focus on the Wrong Drivers in Education,” the first in the new series

Teaching Methods

Over the past few weeks our world has plunged into what we’ve been calling, ‘The New Normal’. With social isolation and social distancing becoming the identified method for

Mackenzie Wright, a classroom teacher who recently completed her Master’s in Library and Information Science, shares her treasure trove of distance learning resources. See a

It started with a question: Why do some strategies work better for some teachers than others? Or more specifically, why is that three teachers can