Sunday / July 21

Science teachers everywhere are encouraged to craft lessons that align with the 5E instructional model. The 5E centers on five instructional phases—usually called Engage, Explain, Explore, Elaborate (or Expand), and Evaluate. Follow the plan and your lessons will be “good.” Supposedly.   The basic 5E model has predecessors dating back a remarkably long

When I co-wrote Growing into Equity: Professional Learning and Personalization in High-Performing Schools five years ago, I repeatedly was told that having “equity” in the title of the book would reduce sales. Not now. While the growth in hate crimes and police shootings of unarmed black and brown people could be paralyzing, many people of good will are focusing on equity as a form

Introduction  In this three-part series, I write a lot about three of my favorite educational words and concepts: PREVENTION, INTERVENTION, and INTENTION. Each represents power-packed strategies that are a result of my research, evidence, and experience; they are the ‘how tos’ that finish incomplete, well-meaning educational advice telling us ‘what’ to do. In this series, Part 1