Friday / June 14

How to Select Complex Texts [Video]

We often make assumptions about students’ reading ability when selecting complex texts. “We’ve excused a lot of students from reading complex texts because we assumed they couldn’t do it” (Fisher). In this video, Doug Fisher provides tips for selecting the right complex texts based on students’ interests and motivation.

For more insight into teaching reading comprehension, check out Doug Fisher & Nancy Frey’s bestselling book, Text Complexity, 2nd edition, and their Close and Critical Reading PD Resource Center.



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Douglas Fisher, Ph.D., is Professor of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University and a teacher leader at Health Sciences High & Middle College. He is the recipient of an IRA Celebrate Literacy Award, NCTE’s Farmer Award for Excellence in Writing, as well as a Christa McAuliffe Award for Excellence in Teacher Education.

Nancy Frey, Ph.D., is Professor of Literacy in the Department of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University. The recipient of the 2008 Early Career Achievement Award from the National Reading Conference, she is also a teacher-leader at Health Sciences High & Middle College and a credentialed special educator, reading specialist, and administrator in California.

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