Monday / April 19

April is National Poetry Month -- but please don’t relegate poems to only one month! Rather, use them all year long to get kids excited about language and to build foundational literacy skills.   Poems can be used to teach fluency, vocabulary, phonic patterns, text structure, speaking and listening, author study, and comprehension. Most children find poems engaging and enjoy reading, writing, and presenting them. Perhaps this is due to the brevity, rhythms, and rhymes of poems, as

The average classroom teacher will make 1,500+ educational decisions every school day. —Teach Thought, n.d.  Trying to describe the job of an educator is like trying to explain the inner workings of a computer. Not only is teaching complex, but it is also constantly evolving. Our profession has historically relied upon continual reflection, refinement, and refocusing on best practices for teaching and learning based on a plethora of students’