Tuesday / April 23

Several ago, a video meme of an exuberant penguin went viral. The penguin was scurrying back and forth in front of its fellow penguins – flapping its fins wildly.  There were actually two versions of that meme. The descriptive text underneath one version read something like:  “He’s just returned from a weekend business conference.”  And the second:  “He’s just finished

When the governor of Massachusetts declared that learning would continue while schools are closed, he added that the creativity of teachers would get us through this quarantine. Indeed, the creativity and hard work of teachers keeping students focused and engaged with learning has been impressive. However, we all have to shift our thinking in order to make distance learning work for each student. Teachers are only one third of the equation. Teachers must rethink how to structure learning so that parents and students can develop routines and apply self-direction skills to accomplish