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A Texas Teacher’s Treasure Trove of Remote Learning Resources

Mackenzie Wright, a classroom teacher who recently completed her Master’s in Library and Information Science, shares her treasure trove of distance learning resources. See a note from Mackenzie below.

Information professionals are tasked with the duty of continuous provision of resources for their patrons, especially as their audiences face unexpected hardship due to socio-economic status, natural disasters, or, in this case, global pandemics.  As districts began making the difficult decisions of postponing and cancelling in-person teaching for their students due to COVID-19, I felt compelled to begin compiling reputable resources for my administrators, fellow faculty members, and school families.  A digital learning environment is something many elementary school educators and students have limited experience with. The online resources page I developed is a curated list of resources that I have personally utilized with my own students for several years. While these resources are excellent tools for distance learning, I hope that educators will continue to use them after they return to their classrooms and traditional teaching environments.  

You will find five categories of resources on the site


Training on Utilizing Digital Learning Platforms

Every educator’s background and comfort level utilizing digital platforms and resources varies.  Hopefully this webpage meets educators and families at their specific point of need, directing them towards resources that will allow them to confidently provide successful digital learning classrooms and content for their students.

Reading Resources

Many organizations are offering students free access to reading material. In this section, you’ll also find examples of resources available to students and educators through their local library systems.

Educational Sites to Enhance Digital Teaching Content

This section features many educational sites teachers can use for remote learning. Some of the resources in this category reflect my school’s specific context, directing viewers to online platforms our district provides as well as social studies resources fulfilling Texas education standards. Though these targeted resources may not be applicable to every reader, it is my hope that educators in other districts and states will gain ideas for similar resources that will meet their personal teaching needs in their particular contexts.

Read Alouds and Drawing Tutorials from Authors, Illustrators, and Other Celebrities

So many authors, writers, artists, and celebrities are providing content to keep our students engaged and productively occupied during their time at home. This section features some of my favorite links to read alouds, drawing tutorials, and other engaging activities.

Mental Health Resources for Students

Teaching the whole child is every educator’s priority.  In times of uncertainty, it is important to emphasize the mental health of students as we additionally address their academic needs. This section will give you some ideas for activities that will promote your students’ wellness. 

Each educator and family differs greatly in their needs and expectations of what the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year will look like.  Providing a quick resource for my school community to utilize during this time was a priority for me, and I hope it will bring teachers ease and bolster students’ mental health. You can find all of my curated resources at this link!

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Mackenzie Wright is an elementary school teacher in Austin, Texas.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education as well as a master’s in library and information science with a specialization in school librarianship.  She currently teaches fourth grade science, and emphasizes inquiry, hands-on activities, 21st century skills, and problem-based learning through STEM education. Her website provides resources that Mackenzie uses in her personal practice and believes other information professionals will find useful as well.

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