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Five Reasons Teachers Love Corwin’s On-Your-Feet Guides – And You Will, Too 

It’s Valentine’s Day and your teacher-heart could use some filling. Mid-year assessments, snow days, endless sniffles, and countless tissue boxes… it may be time to treat yourself (or a teacher you love!) to something that can make your life easier: On-Your-Feet Guides from the Corwin Classroom team. Here are just a few of the reasons these little 6-page goodies are beloved by classroom teachers everywhere… 

  1. It’s impossible to remember everything. You read a great professional book a few weeks ago… but what was that thing about classroom setup for blended learning, again? What were the teaching points from that interactive writing lesson? What was that formative assessment technique I read about? On-Your-Feet Guides can be your at-a-glance reminder of the key points from your favorite professional books.
  1. We all could use a guide on the side. While you’re practicing a new strategy (especially in front of a room full of children hanging on your ever word), it’s nice to have something to refer to as a guide, a measure, or even a tool for adjusting. On-Your-Feet Guides provide a little cheat sheet you can look to in the moment of instruction — or while planning or reflecting on a lesson.
  1. You’re busy! You don’t have time to read a full 200-page book this week. OYFGs give practical solutions in a snapshot format; with sections like Plan, Try, and Troubleshoot, you can find what you need quickly. 
  1. These strategies are not only proven effective, they have been tested in real classrooms and based in sound research. Can you say that for all the resources you’re finding online these days? 

  1. Two words: Budget. Friendly. You can buy an On-Your-Feet Guide (or two!) and still have enough left over for a decent box of chocolates. 

There are guides for topics in Literacy, Math, Teaching Essentials, and Visible Learning – covering grades K-12 – with more being added each season. At-a-glance professional resources tailored for you… right when you need it… at a price within your reach. Doesn’t that make your heart happy? 

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In her work with Corwin Literacy, Tori Bachman acquires and develops practical, research-based professional books that focus on all areas of literacy for K-12 teachers. She works closely with authors to refine and shape their ideas from proposal through draft manuscript and publication — and then serves as her authors’ biggest cheerleader once their books are out in the world. You can find her on Twitter at @ToriBachman.

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