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A couple of years ago, I decided to focus on educational writing in my areas of expertise. I spent a year learning how to watercolor, journal, and decompress after retiring from an incredible career in public education. After several months into retirement, I discovered that I wanted to take a break from writing highly academic documents. I now focus on writing parenting blogs, parenting books, and children’s books for families seeking added support.

I first approached the Corwin Press staff with this new venture. They immediately referred me to the Corwin Connect blogging team and marketing team. With Corwin’s sponsorship help, was launched in May, 2016. is a blog site of resources for parents and all who love and care for children. All blogs are written by parents who are also educational leaders. Our culturally diverse team of educators are passionate about fully engaging parents in their roles as their children’s first and primary teachers. Now that I have just published three new children’s books and co-authored a parenting book with the blogging team, our blog’s expertise and partnerships with key stakeholders continue to expand.

I am also committed to expanding my expertise in academic subject areas for teachers. I am achieving this goal by writing a monthly blog on selected themes for Corwin Connect.

This incredible journey with the Corwin staff has been amazing. I was encouraged to work with a couple of Corwin authors and collaborated on a blog with a Corwin Connect author. As a Corwin Press author for nearly 20 years, I consider myself fortunate to be part of a family of professionally caring and truly outstanding leaders in the field of publishing.

As celebrates its second year, we’re looking for further insights from educators. Email us at with your needs as teachers and parents.

Thank you Corwin Connect and the Corwin Press staff for your support!

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Mary Ann Burke has served as a credentialed parent educator and adjunct professor for over thirty years in California’s schools. Dr. Burke has presented effective parenting and school engagement strategies at numerous state and national parent engagement events. She recently authored a twin book series that includes Yikes! Brandon Has Twin Sisters, Yikes! Brandon and His Sisters Play at the Park, and Yikes Brandon and His Twin Sisters Go to School. Mary Ann is the co-author of Effective Parenting! Capable Kids! She is also the author of four Corwin Press books on parent and community engagement in schools. Mary Ann Burke previously led the Santa Clara County Office of Education’s Parent Engagement Initiative that serves as a state model for best practices in parent engagement for culturally diverse families. She creates Common Core State Standards kits for parents to use at home and in their child’s classroom to support children’s literacy and academic readiness skills. Mary Ann is an active grandmother of five grandchildren. She shares this expertise with educators and school leaders as a trainer, author, and curriculum developer.

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