Sunday / May 19

[caption id="attachment_2456" align="alignright" width="200"] The Skatepark Mathematics Extravaganza teaches fundamental mathematics concepts in algebra and geometry.[/caption] Contributed by William H. Robertson, Ph.D. aka Dr. Skateboard How can you get young people interested in science and mathematics? What efforts are there to integrate the experiences of students into the things

In the near future, over one million jobs will open up in science, engineering and mathematics, but only 200,000 graduates will have the skills to fill them. As a part of education reform for the future, President Obama has consistently called for improvements in STEM

In his highly anticipated new book, Assessment 3.0 (February 2015), Mark Barnes lays out a formula that will revolutionize feedback with four simple words: What is wrong with the way assessment is done today? Why is it important to change? If you want to know more, read an excerpt: "The