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New Podcast: The 1:1 Roadmap with Andrew Marcinek

Announcing: The Corwin Podcast!

In this episode, Corwin Associate Editor Ariel Price interviews author Andrew Marcinek about his new book, The 1:1 Roadmap.

The 1:1 RoadmapTechnology is more than just “Computer Class;” it is a literacy that must be threaded throughout the fabric of a school. In a 1:1 environment, you’re preparing students to be responsible citizens of the physical and digital worlds. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed with devices; you have to have a plan for technology that keeps learning at center stage.

In his book, Marcinek discusses:

  • Why a 1:1 program is not only achievable but also beneficial and necessary
  • How to choose the right devices
  • The best ways to prepare teachers through professional development
  • Best practices for instruction and personalization in a 1:1 environment

It’s more essential than ever to integrate digital and information literacy into the fabric of our schools. This practical resource will get you started on the journey.

” Marcinek provides a desperately needed resource based on practical experience that will help districts effectively and properly implement 1:1 initiatives.”
—Eric Sheninger, Educational Consultant and Corwin Author, Digital Leadership

“Ultimately, going 1:1 is about fostering a culture of trust and innovation, and this doesn’t happen overnight—you need a strong plan. Marcinek helps leaders get started with a 1:1 implementation, and teaches us how to prepare the entire school community for digital citizenship.”
—Salome Thomas-EL, Award-winning Principal and Author of “The Immortality of Influence”

Listen to the podcast now:


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Andrew Marcinek has experience in combining technology and education spanning several years inside and outside of the classroom. Most recently he assumed the duties of Director of Technology at Grafton Public Schools. Prior to that, he served as the Director of Technology for Groton-Dunstable Regional School District and Instructional Technology Specialist at Burlington High School. Previously, he spent seven years as a secondary English teacher and college professor in Pennsylvania. At Burlington, he played a major role in launching a 1:1 iPad environment, organizing the iPad deployment and leading several educational technology professional development events in Burlington and Groton-Dunstable Regional School District. Andrew is the author of The 1:1 Roadmap: Setting the Course for Innovation in Education. Schedule an on-site or virtual consultation, seminar, or workshop with Andrew today!

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