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Fortunate Children

Fortunate children start out with loving connections at home that give them a sense of safety and trust in people and in the world. Without a basic sense of security, children are much less likely to develop self-regulation skills, and to learn to be calm on the inside while dealing with life’s challenges.

With self-regulation comes the ability to become calm enough to shift one’s attention to the lives of other people. As one notices and understands how other people are feeling, one begins to develop empathy.

Fortunate children

Empathy is the foundation of all emotional intelligence. By noticing what is going on in the lives of others, one develops an awareness that leads to social skills. These skills lead to social interaction and social success.

Success begets more success, grit, resilience, and the belief, that with effort, one can be successful in this world.

With empathy, and with the capacity for persistent effort, one fosters the adaptive capacity to offer service to others. And it is with this service that individuals can build better outcomes for themselves, their families, communities, nation, and for this world.

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Bob Sornson is an award-winning author and presenter, calling for programs and practices which support competency based learning and early learning success. He works internationally with school districts, universities, and parent organizations. His many books include Over-Tested and Under-Prepared: Using Competency-Based Learning to Transform Our Schools (Routledge), Fanatically Formative (Corwin Press), and Stand in My Shoes: Kids Learning about Empathy (Love and Logic Press). Contact

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