Wednesday / September 28
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Walt Kaweski serves on the faculty of California State University, Sacramento, where he supervises student teachers pursuing the educational specialist credential. Formerly, he was a teacher, autism specialist, and inclusion coordinator in the San Juan Unified School District of suburban Sacramento, California. With thirty-four years of experience in public education, he has taught a wide variety of subjects and grade levels including high school English, intervention reading and math, history, and instrumental music. Kaweski was awarded the 2007 Teacher of the Year Award by his school district for his work developing a successful inclusion program for students with autism. In partnership with Sacramento State University, he trains teacher candidates pursuing the special education credential. He has presented at local, state and national conferences on topics concerning inclusion support and friendship development for students with autism. Kaweski earned his Master of Arts in Special Education from Sacramento State University. He is a certified Moderate-Severe Special Education Specialist and Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development Specialist. He is the author of Teaching Adolescents With Autism: Practical Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom.