Wednesday / May 22
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Maggie Lee McHugh believes all students are creative, compassionate, intellectual learners who, when given the right educational conditions, grow to be insightful, engaged citizens in our society. For Maggie, Project-Based Learning (PBL) lays the foundation for every learner to find success. As the Innovation Specialist at La Crosse Polytechnic, a project-based secondary school in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Maggie has the honor of exploring the world alongside her students. Additionally, Maggie serves as a National Faculty member for PBLWorks, traveling the United States to work with educators on implementing PBL. Maggie’s dedication to empowering all learners is fueled by her “kiddos” who daily remind her of the courage, compassion, and perseverance needed to continuously become a better “you.” Maggie is the author of Bring Project-Based Learning to Life in Mathematics, K-12 by Corwin Press.