Wednesday / April 24

Rethinking Feedback to Promote Learner Agency

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Paul Emerich France ( is a National Board Certified Teacher and education consultant. He is the author of Reclaiming Personalized Learning: A Pedagogy for Restoring Equity and Humanity in Our Classrooms. His work is featured in Edutopia, EdSurge, ASCD’s Educational Leadership, and Learning Forward’s The Learning Professional.

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  • I wonder if the the conversation with Abbie could have started on a positive instead of with a correction (“I know you came in late”)? If we want students to feel open to approaching us, they have to feel emotionally safe. By phrasing our statements and instruction positively, we create trust among our students. When we start a conversation with a correction it does little to create that trust. Building agency works well when students feel “safe” in their environment and are more willing to take risks.

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