Wednesday / May 22

Why You Should Dive Into the Unknown This Year [VIDEO] 

There are two ways to get into a pool: dip your toes in the water or leap off the high dive. In his inspiring TEDx Talk, Evan will challenge and encourage you to leap off a high dive, think creatively, and create positive change. Through story, Evan encourages you to be more daring and challenges you to reflect on your stories and those he shares. Use the stories to recall and recapture moments of awe in your life and how those feelings can change your trajectory. 


Looking for more? Check out Evan’s new book, The 10-Minute Principal: Free Up Your Time to Focus on Leadership. 


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Evan Robb is the principal of Johnson-Williams Middle School in Berryville, Virginia. He has over twenty years of experience serving as a building-level principal. Prior to being a school principal, he was an English teacher, department chair, and assistant principal.

Evan’s new book The Ten-Minute Principal: Free Up Your Time and Focus on Leadership was published by Corwin in May, 2019. Explore The Robb Review Education Blog and The Robb Review Podcast for more of his thoughts on teaching, learning, and leadership. Both Evan’s blog and podcast focus on looking ahead, not looking back. He has been named one of the top 25 educational leaders.

To follow on Twitter: (@ERobbPrincipal; Kemp, 2018).

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