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Gravity Goldberg “Inspiring Independent Readers” Webinar [Archive]

Independent Readers

On Monday January 25th, Gravity Goldberg led a packed webinar on EdChat Interactive called “Inspiring Independent Readers.” Rigor, complex text comprehension, deeper engagement—it’s time to read between the lines of these goals to see that the only way we’ll reach them is to have a strong plan in place for creating fully independent readers. In this webinar Gravity helps educators better understand why we may be cultivating compliant readers rather than independent readers, and why compliance gets in the way of lasting learning. Without independence no real and lasting learning can occur. You’ll better understand what gets in the way of independence and what we can do as teachers to support students.

Click here to watch the “Inspiring Independent Readers” webinar with Gravity Goldberg.

This webinar was the first in our new, FREE Monday Afternoon Webinar Series. Mark your calendars for these upcoming webinars:

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Gravity Goldberg is coauthor of Conferring with Readers: Supporting Each Students’ Growth and Independence (Heinemann, 2007) and author of many articles about reading, writing, and professional development. She holds a doctorate in education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is a former staff developer at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and an assistant professor at Iona College’s graduate education program. She leads a team of literacy consultants in the New York/New Jersey region. Gravity is the author of Mindsets and Moves: Strategies That Help Readers Take Charge, Grades 1-8.

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