Monday / April 22

Are You a Resilient Educator?

Are you a resilient educator? If being a teacher or administrator is part of your path in life, I hope you have the resilience and grit it takes to be a great one. Here are the five characteristics of men and women with resilience.

Realistic thinking. Resilient adults understand that good outcomes will take hard work and plenty of it. We do not expect every day to go smoothly or every task to be easy. We walk the path knowing that there will be obstacles.

Trust and faith. Somehow, resilient adults know that they are part of something greater than themselves, and that their work has meaning. They know that we have the capacity to build a better world.

The capacity for radical reinvention. Resilient adults recognize when something is not working, and try something different. They learn from mistakes, adapt the plan, and move ahead.

Social support. Resilient adults are not alone. They build support systems both at work and at home, to help them through the tough challenges and days.

A sense of humor. Working with kids and dealing with adults will take a sense of humor sometimes. With the ability to laugh at yourself and your foibles, those days won’t wear you down.

Give yourself a quick resilience check.

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Bob Sornson is an award-winning author and presenter, calling for programs and practices which support competency based learning and early learning success. He works internationally with school districts, universities, and parent organizations. His many books include Over-Tested and Under-Prepared: Using Competency-Based Learning to Transform Our Schools (Routledge), Fanatically Formative (Corwin Press), and Stand in My Shoes: Kids Learning about Empathy (Love and Logic Press). Contact

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