Wednesday / May 29
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Courtney Koestler is currently the director of the OHIO Center for Equity in Mathematics and Science (OCEMS) and an associate professor of instruction in the Patton College of Education at Ohio University. In addition to now teaching diversity and mathematics methods courses in an early childhood-elementary education program and graduate action research courses, Courtney spends time in classrooms alongside teacher colleagues teaching children and out in communities working with families.

 Jennifer Ward is currently an assistant professor of elementary and early childhood mathematics education and the elementary undergraduate program coordinator at Kennesaw State University.. Her work centered around her experience as an early childhood teacher designing and teaching mathematics for social justice lessons with children ages 3–8. Jennifer has been a teacher in classrooms from prekindergarten to high school, with the majority of her work in kindergarten and first-grade classrooms.

 Maria del Rosario Zavala is an American-born daughter of Peruvian immigrants, a mother, and an associate professor of elementary education at San Francisco State University. In addition to work on the role of racial and other socially constructed identities in learning mathematics, a large part of her research agenda includes defining, expanding, and evolving ideas of culturally responsive mathematics teaching (CRMT)—in particular the impact of CRMT on both teachers and students.

 Tonya Bartell is currently an associate professor of mathematics education in the College of Education at Michigan State University and serves as the associate director of elementary programs. Tonya began teaching 25 years ago as a high school mathematics teacher, including 3 years as a founding teacher in an alternative high school to support students labeled as not succeeding by the system. For the last 15 years, she has volunteered in elementary mathematics classrooms and studies elementary mathematics education.