Tuesday / June 25

The Best Leadership Lesson: Hope

In this TEDx Talk author Simon T. Bailey reminds us that the best school leaders invite students to hope. Bailey breaks down the research that became the basis for his book, co-authored by Marceta F. Reilly, Releasing Leadership Brilliance. He tells the story of how he and Reilly learned, from research and some of the best educational leaders, that hope predicts academic success and graduation rates better than test scores. Watch this TEDx video to learn how administrators across the country are revitalizing hope and success in some of the most historically unsuccessful schools and districts.

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Simon T. Bailey teaches influencers how to improve themselves and change the world. As an executive advisor, career mentor, and keynote speaker, he doesn’t take people where they want to go; he guides them by providing strategic steps to where they need to go. He inspires through relevant stories and thought-provoking, evidence-based research, breaking through the motivational paradigm that causes individuals to stretch and produce results. His wisdom and expertise enabled an Orlando-based health care system to be acquired and a division of a hospitality company to be ranked No. 1 for customer service by Marceta Reilly has 42 years of experience in education, moving from teacher to principal to school superintendent in Kansas. Her vision and passion were to create schools that were welcoming to students and families, and centers of learning and success for the entire community. Together, Simon and Marceta are the authors of the forthcoming book, Releasing Leadership Brilliance: Breaking Sound Barriers in Education.

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