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10 Books for Leaders to Start the School Year Right!

The summer may be drawing to a close, but you still have some time to catch up on new ideas or refresh yourself on the things you can do to start the new school year smoothly. Here are some great resources to help you:

Supporting New Teachers: A How-To Guide for Leaders by Lynn Howard

Fifty percent of new teachers leave within the first five years. Make sure yours stay!

10 Steps for Hiring Effective Teachers by Mary C. Clement

In case you still have an open position or two.

Insights: How Expert Principals Make Difficult Decisions by Dionne Mclaughlin

In the past I always asked myself ‘What would my dad do?” Now you can find out from experts in the field.

The Principals Guide to Time Management: Instructional Leadership in the Digital Age by Richard Sorenson, Lloyd Goldsmith, and David DeMatthews

Too many balls in the air and not enough time to do good work, let alone great work? This book will help you prioritize and organize.

The Principal as Curriculum Leader: Shaping What Is Taught and Tested, 4th edition, by Allan Glatthorn, Jerry Jailall, and Julie Jailall

Quite simply the classic read for anyone who works with curriculum.

The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius Inside Our Schools by Liz Wiseman, Lois Allen, and Elise Foster

What an interesting read. Do you wonder why some people help create positive change and multiply others’ talents while others have to control every agenda and eventually diminish capacity? This is the book that will explain how people lead and how they can change.

Principal Voice: Listen, Learn, Lead by Russell Quaglia

You may already know that you should listen to students to hear what they truly need and how to guide their aspirations. How about yourself and other principals?

Indelible Leadership: Always Leave Them Learning by Michael Fullan

If you don’t have a lot of time, but feel like you could use some guidance on helping to drive deep learning at your school, then this brief book is for you.

UnCommon Core: Creating Schools That Work for Kids by Eric Sheninger

Your students are using all sorts of new technology. How can you integrate digital media and new applications with purpose and build a culture of learning with pleasure!

The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey by Rinker Buck

OK, OK, it’s not a Corwin book, but such a great way to spend a few hours. Rinker Buck details his modern day crossing of “The Oregon Trail” with his brother Nicholas in a covered wagon. How can we make history fun and funny?

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Arnis Burvikovs, Executive Editor at Corwin Press, has worked in publishing for over 30 years in sales, marketing, and editorial positions. Arnis has had the great fortune of working with numerous bestselling authors at Corwin and, previously, at Allyn and Bacon. The one major lesson he has learned is, as Twain noted, “A big book is a big nuisance.”

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