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Believe it or not, Corwin Connect started off as a Google doc, where I brainstormed blog post ideas and site structure. It kept growing, getting bigger and bigger, a blog just waiting to happen. But I didn’t know where to get started.

And then Eric Sheninger, bestselling author of Digital Leadership, came to visit the Corwin offices in California. He shared insights into the life of being a connected educator. He told us about the coolest apps and sites where meaningful dialogue was happening, where educators were sharing their ideas and getting feedback. He made it clear: if we truly wanted to fulfill our mission of helping educators do their jobs better, we needed to be where they are. Classrooms are no longer silos, teachers do not work alone. They are connected, and Corwin should be as well. The advice he gave: start a blog!

That was all we needed to put our plan into action. Building Corwin Connect was truly a team effort, and it wouldn’t have happened without the enthusiasm, encouragement, and hard work of many Corwin colleagues and authors. Special thanks must be given to Senior Marketing Manager Stephanie Trkay, who was the first advocate of my lonely little Google doc and has continued to lead Corwin Connect’s development. Really, so many people have played a part in making Corwin Connect, there are too many to name here. I also have to thank Peter DeWitt for his invaluable advice and lessons learned from running a blog of his own.

I have been shocked and thrilled by the positive responses we’ve received from our network of outstanding authors, who have poured their hearts into the books they’ve written for us, and now want to connect with other educators through Corwin Connect. Thank you. We have an amazing schedule of posts from authors and leaders in education who are truly making a difference.

We start Corwin Connect with several posts by Corwin Editors, and special contributions from Rick Stiggins and Becky Mladic-Morales. Please be sure to come back this month for posts by:

  • Eric Sheninger – May 2
  • Jim Popham – May 5
  • B.R. Jones – May 7
  • Homa Tavangar – May 12
  • Kelley King – May 14
  • Larry Ainsworth – May 15
  • Jim Dillon – May 26
  • Peter DeWitt – May 28

Obviously, it’s great to hear from these thought leaders, but we want to hear from YOU, too. We look forward to dialoguing with you in the comments, and we encourage you to submit posts of your own for consideration as well!

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Ariel is the Acquisitions Editor for Technology and General Methods at Corwin, and editor of Corwin Connect. When not working, you can usually find Ariel doing yoga at the beach, reading with a glass of wine, or writing a book review on her blog, One Little Library.

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