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Saturday / February 23

The creative aspect of teaching extends beyond designing an inviting and engaging learning environment. Daily, we use our creative juices to: Deliver meaningful and engaging instructional content, Adapt, modify, or reteach curriculum for specific students, Develop and implement enrichment activities, Meet curricular timelines, Design instructional

2019 marks the ten-year anniversary of John Hattie’s extensive database of educational research, Visible Learning. Since its publication, there have been many comments, conversations and critiques of the research methodology and key findings. Some conversations have focused on the meta-analysis itself and seen the research

“The evidence overall suggests that the status quo with respect to learning outcomes from high school mathematics is unacceptable (p.3).” - Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics (2018) “Today, it seems as if nearly everyone agrees that high school mathematics needs to change. For far too long