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Sunday / July 22
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I walked into a classroom and noticed an Albert Einstein poster on the wall. This wasn’t a particularly unique poster. It showed a headshot of Albert Einstein with the quote, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” I have seen this poster countless times, but on this day, it was different. I

Teaching Methods

On June 11th, in Salt Lake City, Utah Professor John Hattie of the University of Melbourne and author of Visible Learning stated that 90% of

Just Google “growth mindset” and it won’t take long to uncover the storm of controversy over this popular theory. It’s well-known by now that several studies

I had the privilege of teaching a forestry class this year to a group of 7th graders. During my initial assessment of student understanding of

Professional Learning

Even with great teachers, student achievement hinges on an effective principal. Behind every great principal is an airtight system of leadership evaluation that consistently rewards

Coaching is all about establishing effective partnerships that will enhance student performance. It is important for educators on every level within a district to understand

As an educational consultant working out of the district central office, one of my responsibilities was to design and implement professional learning opportunities for educators