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Sunday / January 20
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A new year brings a rebirth, a time to start new and to challenge ourselves to stretch and grow. As a school leader, I work to use this time to challenge myself to discover and learn new things. Plus, school leadership is not meant to lead alone; this is why

Visible Learning

Even though Professor Hattie’s (2009) Visible Learning synthesis provides a wealth of research that can be used by educators to inform their practice, the deep

Starting to implement something new is difficult in its own right; sustaining and deepening that implementation brings on additional layers of complexity. The good news

An excerpt from Making Change That Sticks, a whitepaper about Visible Learningplus in Klein ISD, Texas. Metzler Elementary Principal Lakita Combs was at an education conference

Teaching Methods

I am reminded every year why it’s not a good idea to go shopping the night before a blizzard.  People drive like they are ants

As I write this post, I’m just back from a trip to Scotland over the holidays. The majesty of the coastlines, the wild beauty of

I decided I wanted to write a post about New Year’s resolutions. Every year, I make three or four personal resolutions: be more punctual, respond