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Wednesday / October 17
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There is an infamous activity that teachers have done with students where they ask them to ‘draw a scientist’ and students of all ages will usually draw a white male in a lab coat. If we were to ask educators, ‘Who is an educational leader?’, who would they describe?  Most

Teaching Methods

We all know at least one person who, when they have their mind set to do something, nothing stops them. Their mind becomes SET on

Disclaimer 1: This post is the third in a series on planning. The first part of the series covered Long Range Plans. The second part

During my first year of teaching high school, I had an after-lunch class that was almost comically chaotic and difficult. Every 50-minute period was like

Professional Learning

Our last blogpost introduced characteristics of the new cohort of educators that is joining the teaching workforce this year: Gen Z. In that post, we

Building collective efficacy is a hot topic in educational circles as a result of John Hattie’s meta-analysis of what works best in education. While many

I began my first year as a literacy coach in multiple elementary buildings in the fastest-growing district in the state of Missouri. That meant we