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Monday / June 25


What ripple effect do you want to pass on to students and adults in your school building? Our impact as educational leaders can vary, but our core business as educators is to serve students by influencing substantive academic, socio-emotional, and civil improvement, at least one year, if not more, for

Teaching Methods

I’ve spent all of my career teaching intermediate grades (seven years in 4th grade, one year in 3rd grade, and this is my sixth year

In our February 2018 blog post, we wrote about the power of assessment-capable visible learners. This work is derived from John Hattie’s seminal research on what matters for student learning.

In my work with teachers across the country on differentiating instruction, it appears that when it comes to differentiation, teachers fall into one of three

Professional Learning

When coaches ask why their instructional coaching efforts aren’t having the impact that they would like to see, I oftentimes ask them to take a

What does it mean to lead learning? At no other time in the history of education do we have such a powerful opportunity–given federal policies

In my last blog, The 5 Teachers You Meet in Professional Learning, I described a handful of trends in teacher personas. It was shared a