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Sunday / November 18
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Choice is good for the soul. Once upon a time I was a wild child adolescent, standing up to every “should” that came my way. If I was told to do something, I actively sought out any and every way to do the opposite. Looking back, I simultaneously cringe and


I recently started a martial arts class. Towards the end of the first class, we began something I have never done before: the five animal

“It took me years to realize that assessment, particularly what I do in the area of classroom assessment isn’t some stand-alone ‘other thing’ I am

I’ve sabotaged so many potentially wonderful lessons. I’ve run out of time during class more times than I care to mention or can even count.


“Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” is a common saying among teachers. No matter a teacher’s qualifications,

We all know at least one person who, when they have their mind set to do something, nothing stops them. Their mind becomes SET on

At its essence, standards-based learning is simple. We set learning targets for our students, determine where they are in relation to those targets, and then