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Monday / December 17
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When Cecily, my youngest daughter, was learning to cook, we spent time making a chart of the terms, conversions, and tools she kept reading in recipes and asking me about. While I still had to supervise some of her kitchen projects, this chart allowed her to do more with greater independence,


You want to teach mathematics to students in the middle grades—but are you ready? Early adolescents have very unique characteristics that you need to be aware of and can capitalize on to

The Role of Reasoning-and-Proving We hear a lot of debate about ‘fake news’ in our politics these days – what it is, what it is not,

I recently started a martial arts class. Towards the end of the first class, we began something I have never done before: the five animal


“Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” is a common saying among teachers. No matter a teacher’s qualifications,

We all know at least one person who, when they have their mind set to do something, nothing stops them. Their mind becomes SET on

At its essence, standards-based learning is simple. We set learning targets for our students, determine where they are in relation to those targets, and then