Monday / October 25

Write for Corwin Connect!

Corwin Connect is a community of educators sharing insights and best practices through articles and meaningful dialogue in these areas: Professional Learning, Leadership, Equity, Educational Technology, Literacy, Math, STEM, and Teaching. Educators visit Corwin Connect because it is a valuable resource of veritable, practical knowledge. Thought leaders are looking for the expertise and the resources (be it a recently published book, PD, or a downloadable resource) to help them do their important work better.

We know you’re working hard pouring your thoughts and energy into educating our children. We want to hear about your success stories. We want to know how you are empowering learning—for students, for educators, for yourself.

Why Should You Blog?

Blogging has many benefits for all educators – whether you’re just starting your career or you’re a seasoned consultant or author. Blogging is an opportunity for:

  • Reflection – What have you learned lately? What’s been your recent “aha!” moment? By sharing your journey you help other educators learn from your successes (and even your mistakes!).
  • Connection – Isolation is a common problem among educators, but by telling your stories, you give other educators the chance to get to know you. There’s a whole movement of Connected Educators who believe in the power of using social media (including blogging) to support each other and become better educators together.
  • Contribution – Have you developed an all-star lesson plan? Learned what really works for engaging students? Survived a harrowing first year of teaching? Blogging is your chance to pass along knowledge to help other educators.

Want to Write for Us?

If you’d like to contribute to Corwin Connect, please email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Short bio
  • Topic you’d like to write on
  • Links to your past published blog posts

Be sure to view our Corwin Connect Post Guidelines

Tips for writing a blog post:

  • Stay focused on a specific topic. The more specific, the better!
  • Use short sentences and short paragraphs to move the pace quickly and grab readers’ attention. Lists can also be an eye-catching strategy for making points.
  • Keep the tone casual and friendly.

Most important, PROMOTE your post:

  • Share your post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin, everything! Be sure to use the hashtag #CorwinConnect and tag @CorwinPress.
  • Tell your friends
  • Respond to comments on your post

If you have a book proposal for us, please visit this page for further instructions.