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Saturday / February 24

A Reflection on Visible Learning 101

Visible Learning

The 2016 Annual Visible Learning Conference was a powerful learning experience. This conference featured renowned educational leaders with combined experience behind the Visible Learning mindframes of research and learning. Each speaker provided optimal learning experiences that stirred thought.

Presenter Kristin Anderson did an outstanding job presenting Visible Learning 101. Kristin provided attendees the underlying research behind John Hattie’s measurement models to current education problems. Hattie’s comprehensive research of the effects of teacher practice in relation to student outcomes causes educators to rethink current methods. Evidence indicates that schools that have adopted Visible Learning show tremendous gains in student achievement. Visible Learning transforms educational thinking and raises questions about how current pedagogy impacts student achievement.

Kristin pointed out in her session that the education sector is continually looking for the next innovation that will improve student achievement, but the problem with latching on to the newest innovation is we never wait to see if the current one is working. Teachers are so overwhelmed with keeping pace and the aggregation of each trend, that what is best for students can actually be neglected, resulting in a barrier of student growth. This eye-opening session no doubt prompted attendees to ponder new thinking with the students’ best interest in mind, to assure that what we are doing is actually working for our students.

In addition, Kristin’s presentation focused on the examination of Hattie’s growth effect size that aids educators in determining successful outcomes. The research indicates that students can grow with little implemented teacher practice; however, the maximum growth occurs when teachers develop a Visible Learning mindframe. This type of thinking develops students as assessment-capable learners. In addition, students follow the learning progression to master targeted skills. From this research, it is proven that teachers’ pedagogy does matter in relation to student growth.

Visible Learning 101 is one of many sessions that nurture pedagogy change and the confidence that students can expand their learning in the appropriate setting and culture. It is very exciting to learn more and cultivate change within my own school setting. I can’t wait to continue my journey in future conferences.

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Yvonne Rundall has been a teacher for the past 14 years in a small, rural elementary school setting in Kentucky. She has taught all subjects and various grade levels, as well as being a Reading Coach in the midst of her career. Yvonne has served in many roles as a teacher leader and chairperson of various school committees. She is currently entering a new role as an Assistant Principal in the other elementary school in her district.

The 2016 Visible Learning Conference was a first time experience for Yvonne. Each session ignited her desire to rethink current education strategies within her school. As a new leader, she plans to focus her attention on assisting teachers in transforming their mind-frames to create a Visible Learning environment. Yvonne’s new journey as a leader is going to be a new and challenging experience. She is very excited to start her new venture with her own mind-frame being extended.


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