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Tuesday / February 20

Top Takeaways from the Orlando Visible Learningplus Institute

Visible Learning Plus Institute

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Orlando last week for the Visible Learningplus Institute! We had educators from as diverse regions as Canada, Texas, and Colorado join us. There was so much excitement and enthusiasm around the power of the content and the implications of the research on daily practice.

Here are some top tweets and comments we saw:

  • “I want to help students learn at high levels – looking at effect sizes, seeing what is working to enhance student achievement, and analyzing feedback to close the gap.” —A School Leader
  • “Increased student achievement comes from authentic relationships between teachers and students and teachers and school leaders!” —@HallandaleElem
  • “Instructional leadership is much more powerful than transformational leadership.” —@cattymeyer
  • “The influences we have the greatest control over fall in our hands” —@kuhauptl

Attendees! What was your “a-ha” moment? Share one big thing you learned from the Institute in the comments!


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Kristin Anderson is Corwin’s Senior Director of Professional Learning. You can contact her at


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  • Thanks so much for sharing, Cathy! We hope you continue your Visible Learning journey by applying the research to your school. Check out the resources on our website –

  • The one big thing I learned from the Institute was how to make the research applicable in schools today. It isn’t that the high yield strategies are a surprise, but it legitimizes the reason for prioritizing them in classrooms, schools, and districts. Hattie also gives us a head start in building a shared definition and concrete “look for’s” in each strategy.

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